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During the first Covid-19 lockdown, with performace and live music making at an all time low, George had the idea along with Tom Powell, to create an ensemble that would record musical theatre overtures. This idea seems similar to goups such as The John Wilson Orchestra, and The West End Theatre Orchestra. However, This group would be recording remotely at home and be pieced together by Tom Powell in his home studio. 

The group is formed of, (but not exclusively), of between 15-25 players (depending on orchestration). Since its inception in April 2020, The Entr'actes have released 3 virtual collaborations. Firstly, the overture and opening tap sequence to 42nd Street, followed by Hairspray, You Cant Stop The Beat and Exit Music, and finally, from Chicago, the Overture and All That Jazz.

The Entr'actes are available for bookings and can be catered to fit your requirements. Whether you need a small cabaret style band of between 5 - 7 players, or 'the full works' of a full theatre orchestra, we are a flexible ensemble, and able to offer you the right instrumentation for your needs.

To enquire about a booking for The Entr'actes, please press the 'ENQUIRE' button.

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