Saxophone Quartet


Quintessential Quarterpoint. 5'30" (2017/8)

A Bird whistle Over The Horizon. 5' (2017)

Changing Minds Changing Times. 3'30" (2018)

Multiple Keyboards

Reich Reimagined. 5'30" (2018)

Farcical 50. 5'40" (2019)

Solo Piano

Einsamkeit. 7"/8" (2018)

Percussion Ensemble

Shangri-La. 7" (TBA)

Flute Choir

Dysphoria. 5'10" (2018)


Hanging In The Balance for tenor sax, bass clarinet. 4' (2020)

REBOOT for oboe, bass clarinet. 2'30" (2020)


Five Shakespeare Songs - SATB a cappella. 12' (2019)

Three Shakespeare Songs - SATB a cappella. 9' (2020)

I Sing Of  A Maiden - SSAA and Harp. 3'30" (2020)



Kenny Wheeler, Sophie - 5 saxes and rhythm 

Kenny Wheeler, Sweet Time Suite Opening - 5 saxes 

Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, On The Sunny Side of the Street - Big Band

Manning Sherwin, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - SATB choir, piano, bass, tenor sax/flute

J.S. Bach, Joe Zawinul, Back to Birdland - 6 saxes (SSSATB) and electronics

3 Bruckner Motets for Clarinet Quartet: Locus Iste, Christus Factus Est, Pange Lingua

Craig Armstrong, Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually - Clarinet Quartet

Philip Glass - Façades from Glassworks - saxophone quintet (SATBBs)

Current projects and work

- George is currently working for David Gordon, Richard Sharpey, and David Woolcombe of Peace Child International scoring, transcribing, and arranging the Peace Child Songbook for future publication and educational use. This involves taking exisitng scores and updating them in both format, practicality, and arrangement and creating new scores that are easy to read and have the option of flexible transposition to cater for the groups' needs.

- George is working with his friend and colleague, Tom Powell on The cabaret ‘One Georgie Orwell’ by Orwell Society member Peter Cordwell and singer-songwriter Carl Picton. One Georgie Orwell contains 8 original songs which accompany the story and celebration of George Orwell. George is working with Tom to create a small band orchestration of the songs in the play in order to facilitate the ability to use either a stage band (actor musician), or pit orchestra.

Do you need an arrangement of a pop song? classical piece? jazz standard? Or an arrangement or original composition for another project such as a film. Click the email enquiry link below to contact George for his services and rates.